About Graeme

Graeme was an extremely successful lawyer in the 1970’s who totally lost his way as his addiction to alcohol took over. His fall from grace was as quick as it was stunning and he found himself in jail not once but three times the last being in 1982 for armed robbery.

The psychological assessment presented by Ian Joblin at his sentencing confirmed not only his alcoholism but also noted significant cognitive impairment due to excessive use of alcohol.

Sentenced to 7 years imprisonment and with three years broken parole Graeme had reached the point in his life where it was either Give up or Get up!. Joblin’s report was to be the catalyst for Graeme to confront his addiction to alcohol.

While in prison Graeme immersed himself in the weekly meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous and has continued his close connection with AA ever since .

Over his 33 years of sobriety Graeme has counselled thousands of people and families who are confronted with the ravages of alcohol and drug addiction and 2015 completed a Diploma in Community Services in AOD & Mental Health.

Graeme’s personal experience when combined with his academic qualifications provide his clients with a level of expertise rarely found and ensure his clients receive an in depth assessment to assist them with their appearance in Court.

Graeme is the author of the best selling book “Never Give Up” and featured on the ABC’s Australian Story where he was labelled the “Comeback King”.